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How HeatLock™ Glass Keeps Your Home Cool in Summer

HeatLock glass

In the summer, heat transfer (the movement of heat from hot areas to cool areas) can have a huge effect on the temperature of your home. This can occur both when the sun shines directly on your windows and as heat radiates off the hard surfaces outside your house, like the driveway and sidewalk. To combat heat transfer, window manufacturers have developed specialized coatings known as Low-E (Low-Emissivity) coatings.

The Innovation of HeatLock™ Glass

Renewal by Andersen offers a superior insulated glass option known as HeatLock™. This glass has an additional Low-E coating applied to the interior surface of the insulating glass unit. In the winter, HeatLock works by reflecting radiant heat from the room back into it before it can escape through the glass. In the summer, HeatLock reflects outside heat and light from the sun, keeping your home cooler.

Untreated glass, on the other hand, lets in heat energy, which makes it difficult to control indoor temperatures and lower energy costs. While the coating does slightly change the appearance of windows and doors (which is why we recommend not mixing units with and without HeatLock coating), the coating is so thin that you can see through the glass clearly.

Is HeatLock™ Glass Available on All Renewal by Andersen® Windows?

The HeatLock coating cannot be field-applied to existing windows or patio doors or to textured/patterned glass. However, it is available on a wide variety of Andersen windows and patio doors. And you can still enhance your windows with our grille options, as they’re not affected by the presence of HeatLock coating. Your design consultant can help you determine the best options for adding HeatLock glass to your home.

Choose HeatLock™ Glass for Superior Energy Efficiency

At Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA, we’re committed to helping keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient year-round. To learn more about the various features of HeatLock insulating glass, give us a call today at (610) 355-4055 or submit our online contact form.


"Our installation team, Josh and Mike, did a phenomenal job with the installation, cleanup, and "orientation" after the work was completed! We were totally satisfied with everyone that we dealt with before and after the installation...and would surely recommend Renewal by Andersen to anyone contemplating a window replacement project!"

Kathy B.
Nazareth, PA

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