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Door F.A.Q.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Doors

Q: What are the advantages of a hinged patio door?

A: A hinged French patio door offers a sophisticated design element. It creates a very wide opening when both panels are fully opened, convenient for moving large furniture or allowing people to pass in and out. Because the doors do not slide on a track, the door’s threshold is less obtrusive.

Q: What are the advantages of a sliding patio door?

A: Because it slides horizontally along a track rather than swinging open, a gliding patio door does not take up any extra space inside or outside a room. It can bring a sleek, contemporary look to the modern home, and is typically less expensive than French patio doors.

Q: Is there a difference between a “sliding” patio door and a “gliding” patio door?

A: No. “Gliding” and “sliding” refer to the same door design.

Q: Can you replace my existing sliding glass door with a hinged French patio door?

A: Yes. We can add a hinged French patio door to your home even if you currently have a sliding door.

Q: Does a patio door make my home less secure?

A: With the multipoint locking systems built into Andersen patio doors, your patio door will be just as secure as any other exterior door.

Q: Can I customize a patio door to match my Renewal by Andersen® windows?

A: Yes. Numerous custom options can be incorporated in your patio door, including several interior and exterior colors, wood finishes, beautiful hardware, grilles and insect screens. Sidelight and transom windows are also available.

Q: Does an Andersen® patio door come with a screen?

A: Screens are currently sold separately for all Andersen patio doors. Gliding insect screens are available for hinged and gliding patio doors. Retractable insect screens are available for all patio door styles. For more details, ask your Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA design consultant.

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"Our installation team, Josh and Mike, did a phenomenal job with the installation, cleanup, and "orientation" after the work was completed! We were totally satisfied with everyone that we dealt with before and after the installation...and would surely recommend Renewal by Andersen to anyone contemplating a window replacement project!"

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Nazareth, PA

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