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Post-Holiday Cleanup: Removing Artificial Snow From Windows

Artificial snow is a fun and popular accessory to decorate with during the holiday season. It allows homeowners to add a touch of winter to Christmas trees, garlands, patio doors and window displays without having to deal with the mess left behind by the real thing.

With Christmas now behind us, it’s time to start cleaning the artificial snow off your windows and doors to get them back to their usual condition. Clean-up is fairly simple, but with these tips shared by Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA, it becomes even easier!

windows with artificial snow

Vacuum It Up

The easiest way to clean up loose snow that’s still adhered to the window, lying on the window sill or accumulated on the floor beneath your window or door is with a vacuum. First, use the crevice tool attachment to get in all the cracks and corners, then use an attachment with bristles on the window glass itself. Finally, use the vacuum to get up anything remaining on the ground.

Avoid Scraping

Vacuuming will inevitably leave some residue behind, but the worst thing you can do to try to remove it is to scrape it. Not only can scraping artificial snow off glass potentially scratch and permanently damage the glass, it will also fly everywhere, making another mess for you to clean up. A much better method is to clean the glass one small section at a time with glass cleaner. After spraying the snow, let the cleaner soak in for about 30 seconds. Then, using a compact paper towel square, rub in a circle, applying moderate pressure until the residue begins to come off. Repeat until the entire surface of the glass is clear.

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"Our installation team, Josh and Mike, did a phenomenal job with the installation, cleanup, and "orientation" after the work was completed! We were totally satisfied with everyone that we dealt with before and after the installation...and would surely recommend Renewal by Andersen to anyone contemplating a window replacement project!"

Kathy B.
Nazareth, PA

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