The Top 3 Problems With Most Patio Doors

The Top 3 Problems With Most Patio Doors

April 23, 2020

Frenchwood gliding patio door
Sliding patio doors are perfect for bringing more natural light into your home, connecting your indoor and outdoor spaces, and increasing the circulation of fresh air. They can also help save space. However, they’re not perfect. In this blog, we’ll cover a few of the most common problems homeowners encounter with their doors.


A sliding door can be an asset to any home as long as it’s properly cleaned and maintained. One of the most common problems with sliding doors is they experience sticking, which makes it difficult to slide the door smoothly and effortlessly along its track. Our Frenchwood® sliding patio doors are designed to keep debris out of the tracks. The moving panel is on the inside of the house and sits on a raised track, which protects it from debris buildup. Our doors also feature adjustable, self-lubricating, dual-tandem Andersen® rollers and steel wheels with ball bearings. As a result, they glide effortlessly, providing smooth, secure performance.


Check around your sliding door and inspect the door itself for cracks and broken seals that can allow cold air to enter the house and cause door condensation. When used correctly, caulk or sealant can fix both of these issues. If the damage is severe, however, the window glazing might need to be replaced. Patio doors installed by Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA fit snugly and tightly into their frames, so you don’t have to worry about drafts causing the glass to fog up. In addition, our doors are installed by highly trained certified master installers and backed by the best warranty in the business.

Water Leaks

A sliding door that isn’t aligned correctly won’t work as it should. Unlike vinyl, our Fibrex® door frames are made of an extremely strong, durable composite material proven to last for years. Plus, Fibrex isn’t affected by temperature changes; it won’t crack, warp or otherwise change shape over time, which is what leads to door misalignment and air and water leaks.

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Remember: the best way to prevent problems with your sliding door is to start with quality products, as these are more durable and will last longer. Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA features a wide array of high-quality, energy-efficient products that can work for your needs, including replacement doors. To learn more, give us a call today at [company_phone].

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From George, the salesman giving me a balance of wants and needs to Rosko and his team members doing a fantastic job on the window replacement and install. To the post inspection process and thank you package with additional information for cleaning and maintenance. All was great!

The entire team was excellent, professional, respectful, thoughtful, and was always attentive of our needs. They always asked questions before they started to make sure we were on the same page. We already noticed savings on our electricity. We are so happy we chose Renewal by Andersen.

I cannot say any more then I have, everyone that came from Renewal by Anderson has been one of the best experiences I’ve had dealing with a company. A big thank you.

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