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Window Treatment Guide and Other Helpful Tips from RbA®

In addition to replacing your old, dysfunctional windows with better ones, you can utilize window treatments to make your home more energy-efficient. Here is a list of treatments that can make your replacement windows in Bethlehem even better:

  • Draperies. Depending on the fabric type and color, drapery has the capacity to reduce heat gain and loss. Conventional draperies can reduce heat loss up to 10%, while medium-colored ones with insulated backings can reduce heat gain by 30%.
  • Shades. They are the simplest form of window coverings, and yet, they can have the highest capacity for energy efficiency. They’re also fairly easy to install. Shades can add style to your interiors, and they can work well with other window treatments, such as your draperies.
  • Blinds. Unlike shades, with blinds you can control the slats to adjust light and ventilation. Highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by approximately 45% and can also be adjusted to reflect and block direct sunlight.
  • Hinged Shutters. Not only can shuttershelp to reduce heat gain and loss in your home; they offer weather protection and added security, plus they can be installed on either the interior or exterior of a property and will add a traditional design touch to any home.

All of these window treatments are effective in saving energy and protecting your home from the elements, and are an ideal complement to your new replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen®.

Our revolutionary Fibrex® and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass combination for both windows and patio doors in Bethlehem are more durable and energy-efficient compared to other products on the market. Installed by our team of professional home improvement experts, Renewal by Andersen windows are the most beneficial ones you’ll encounter. Just give us a call at Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA and we’ll tell you more about it.


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January 18, 2019

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