Understanding the Causes of Window Condensation

Understanding the Causes of Window Condensation

October 07, 2021

Homeowners who have recently installed high-quality Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows sometimes contact us at this time of year, concerned that their lovely new windows are covered in condensation. While it is true that this problem can be caused by a broken seal, the culprit usually isn’t the window – it’s indoor humidity. Here are some of the common causes of high humidity and what you need to know to prevent condensation from fogging up your view.

Window Condensation

High-Moisture Activities

Cooking, bathing and showering are the activities that release the most moisture into your house. It’s very important to have working exhaust fans which are vented to the outside that can draw the excess moisture out. Always use the exhaust fan above your stove when cooking and turn on your bathroom exhaust fan while showering or bathing. The fan should be left on until the mirror is clear again. This will also help prevent mold and mildew formation. In addition, check to be sure that your dryer is vented properly, since drying your clothes also releases a lot of moisture.

Attics & Crawl Spaces

In most areas, it’s smart to also vent attics and crawl spaces to the outside. For crawl spaces, it’s important to put down a good vapor barrier to block moisture and prevent it from coming up through the ground and into your home.

Blinds & Window Treatments

Curtains, drapes and blinds can contribute to the buildup of interior condensation by preventing warm air from flowing over the window. To avoid this, simply keep the windows uncovered as much as possible during the winter months. This has the additional benefit of letting in more sunlight, which will help warm your home naturally.

Insect Screens

Sometimes interior insect screens can block the flow of air, as well. Since there are no insects to worry about during the winter in most areas, consider removing and storing your insect screens until spring.

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