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Top 3 Reasons to Install Low U-Factor Windows

low U factor windows

While windows come in different styles to address different issues, the best windows address virtually every need. All the components of a window (glass, frame, hardware) work together to meet needs, such as illuminating a room, preventing air leakage or providing insulation.

The Importance of Low U-Factor

One of the best ways to determine if the replacement window you’re considering will address your insulation needs is by looking at the U-value, also known as U-factor. According to the National Fenestration Rating Council, U-factor is a measure of a product’s capacity to transfer heat. The goal is to purchase windows with low U-factor window glass. Low U-factor is essential for three important reasons:

  1. Comfort. When you install well-insulated windows, it’s much easier control and maintain a comfortable temperature level in your home.
  2. Energy efficiency. Low U-Factor windows provide better insulation and are much more energy-efficient compared to other kinds of windows because they reduce the transfer of heat and cold. The lower the U-factor, the less heat will be lost from your home during cold weather, and the less cool air will escape in the summer. Low U-factor glass also reduces the need for your HVAC system to run around the clock, meaning less energy is consumed and utility bills are correspondingly lower.
  3. Environmental sustainability. A certain amount of pollution is unavoidable when it comes to heating your home. Heating systems emit harmful elements into the air, contributing to pollution, so it stands to reason that if there is a reduction in the consumption of energy through the use of low U-factor glass, there will also be a reduction in the amount of harmful pollutants released into the atmosphere.

For the best options in low U-factor windows, consider checking out the excellent selection of replacement windows and patio doors from Renewal® by Andersen of Northeast PA. In addition to energy-efficient glass material, our windows are also framed with revolutionary Fibrex® material, which is the best in the industry. To keep your home comfortable year-round with low U-factor windows, give Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA a call at (610) 355-4055 and we’ll be happy to assist you.



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