The Cost of Not Replacing Your Windows

The Cost of Not Replacing Your Windows

October 11, 2018

New replacement windows and patio doors from Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA are undeniably energy-efficient, stylish and beautiful. So what makes some homeowners hesitate when it comes time to commit? Not surprisingly, the main reason for most people is the expense.

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What Old Windows Can Cost You

While replacement windows are an investment, there is also a substantial price to pay when you don’t replace failing windows. Your current outdated, inefficient windows are very likely to cost you more in the long run due to ever-rising energy costs, higher and more frequent maintenance costs, and the potential for structural damage to your home from windows that aren’t providing adequate protection. Before you make a final decision on window installation, keep in mind the possible outcomes that could result from choosing not to replace your windows:

  • You aren’t able to enjoy your home. When you have to avoid using certain rooms that have become uncomfortably hot or cold, you lose out on the ability to fully utilize your home.
  • Energy expenditures are higher. Inefficient windows make it harder for your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature, putting more strain on the unit and potentially wasting hundreds of dollars annually.
  • Leaky windows will decrease your home’s value. Drafty, leaky windows let in moisture, which can lead to structural damage and even cause mold to form. Old, unattractive windows can also decrease your home’s curb appeal.
  • Your view could be compromised. A haze of condensation can build up on windows and doors that aren’t properly sealed, obscuring the view outside.
  • Your home won’t be peaceful. Old windows won’t block out the sounds of car traffic, dogs barking and other unwanted sounds.
  • The sun can damage your belongings. Your expensive carpets and drapes can become faded because your old windows don’t block damaging UV rays.
  • Maintenance is more extensive. You need to pay someone to putty, sand and paint your old windows, or take time out of your schedule to do it yourself.
  • Your old windows are a safety risk. Not only can your windows be dangerous for little fingers (and big ones) when they don’t stay up, they also pose a safety risk if they’re painted shut or otherwise unable to be opened in the event of a fire.

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Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA is the area’s foremost supplier of Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows. By choosing to have our Renewal windows installed, you’ll be saving money and making your home a safer and more comfortable place. To learn more about Fibrex®, which is what makes our windows so special, as well as to schedule a free window estimate, give us a call today at [company_phone].

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I cannot say any more then I have, everyone that came from Renewal by Anderson has been one of the best experiences I’ve had dealing with a company. A big thank you.

From George, the salesman giving me a balance of wants and needs to Rosko and his team members doing a fantastic job on the window replacement and install. To the post inspection process and thank you package with additional information for cleaning and maintenance. All was great!

The entire team was excellent, professional, respectful, thoughtful, and was always attentive of our needs. They always asked questions before they started to make sure we were on the same page. We already noticed savings on our electricity. We are so happy we chose Renewal by Andersen.

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