Make Your Windows Sparkle With These Spring Cleaning Tips

Make Your Windows Sparkle With These Spring Cleaning Tips

March 17, 2021

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As spring draws closer, many homeowners welcome the approach of the new season by beginning their yearly spring cleaning. Windows may be one of the least popular of these essential cleaning annual tasks, but replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen® are a cinch to clean and maintain!

What to Use to Clean Windows

Did you know that using standard glass cleaner and paper towels to clean windows is one of the least effective methods? You’re basically moving the dirt around while creating a static charge on the glass that will only attract more dust and dirt. It’s much better to follow the example of professionals and use a lint-free cloth, squeegee and mild soap and water (or vinegar and water) to clean the glass. Never use newspaper to clean because the ink may stain your window frames.

Steps to Clean Renewal by Andersen® Double-Hung Windows

  1. If your window has an interior grille, remove it from its clips and set it aside.
  2. Unlock the window and lift up the lower sash enough that your closed fist will fit between the bottom of the sash and the frame. Pull down the wash assist tabs from the top of the window and press them into the top of the lower sash frame until you hear a clicking sound, and then grasp the top corners of the lower sash and tilt it in.
  3. Once the glass is clean, rest the sash on the sill or a sturdy object such as a stool. You’ll then push the tabs back up to the top of the frame before lowering, and lower the upper sash until you can safely reach into the top of the upper sash. Inside the top of the sash, you’ll find two small clips. Squeeze these in, and you can then tilt the window in and continue your cleaning.
  4. When you’re finished, push the upper sash back into the frame. Pull it down slightly until you hear it “twang” back into place, and then raise it all the way back up. Do the same with the lower sash, listening for the twanging sound.
  5. Replace the grille, if applicable, and that’s all there is to it!

Click here to see these steps demonstrated in our window cleaning video

Contact Us Today for More Information

Feel free to check out our Window Care & Maintenance page for more tips on how to clean Renewal replacement windows. If you have further questions, contact us at [company_phone] or submit our online form. Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA is the company homeowners can trust for top-quality windows and patio doors!

Hear From Our Customers

From George, the salesman giving me a balance of wants and needs to Rosko and his team members doing a fantastic job on the window replacement and install. To the post inspection process and thank you package with additional information for cleaning and maintenance. All was great!

The entire team was excellent, professional, respectful, thoughtful, and was always attentive of our needs. They always asked questions before they started to make sure we were on the same page. We already noticed savings on our electricity. We are so happy we chose Renewal by Andersen.

I cannot say any more then I have, everyone that came from Renewal by Anderson has been one of the best experiences I’ve had dealing with a company. A big thank you.

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