How Long Do Replacement Windows Last?

How Long Do Replacement Windows Last?

March 27, 2018

Bay WindowAre you contemplating replacing your windows? With so much out there to choose from, it’s often difficult to know where to start. Just remember, as with any home improvement project, the durability of the materials you use is one of the key considerations to keep in mind when making a decision on what brand to go with. Andersen® Windows, the parent company of Renewal by Andersen, has been in the window business for more than 110 years, so we know a thing or two about what it takes to make a window last.

The Importance of Quality Materials

No matter how beautiful your new replacement windows are, if they’re of poor quality, you’re going to have to replace them much sooner than if you choose superior windows like those from Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA. Compare the following materials before you buy:

  • Vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are economical and easy to install, but vinyl is prone to expansion and contraction with extreme changes in temperature. This creates gaps around windows. Vinyl may also sag and discolor over time.
  • Wood windows. While traditional wood windows are energy-efficient, they do require a lot of time-consuming maintenance. If neglected, they can quickly warp and fall into disrepair, requiring early replacement.
  • Fibrex windows. Renewal by Andersen® windows give you the best of both worlds. Our frames are composed of Fibrex®, a unique Andersen-exclusive composite material which is not only an excellent insulator, but is also strong, durable and easy to maintain. That means no more scraping and painting!

Superior Construction Matters

Quality materials go hand-in-hand with quality construction. There are two main factors to consider when comparing windows if you’re looking for longevity as well as durability.

  • U-factor. U-factor is a measurement used to determine the thermal efficiency of your windows. The lower the number, the better constructed and more efficient your window will be. A well-built frame is not the only component that ensures a low U-factor, however; the glass must be factored in, as well. Windows from Renewal by Andersen come standard with High-Performance™ Low-E4® Performance Glass, along with three other glass options geared toward specific climates. These highly efficient glass solutions, when paired with our Fibrex frames, are the best possible combination for lowering U-factor and reducing a homeowner’s energy bills.
  • Warranty. Renewal by Andersen offers one of the best warranties in the business. Not only does our Fully Transferable Limited Warranty offer a 20-year warranty on our glass and Fibrex material and a 10-year warranty on hardware, we also offer a five-year warranty on the installation. This means that if any installation issues arise within five years of the original installation date, we will fix the problem, guaranteed. This is virtually unheard of in the window industry.

To find out more about how our windows can protect your home for years to come, don’t hesitate to give Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA a call at (610) 849-2800. Our helpful product specialists are ready and waiting to talk to you.



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From George, the salesman giving me a balance of wants and needs to Rosko and his team members doing a fantastic job on the window replacement and install. To the post inspection process and thank you package with additional information for cleaning and maintenance. All was great!

I cannot say any more then I have, everyone that came from Renewal by Anderson has been one of the best experiences I’ve had dealing with a company. A big thank you.

The entire team was excellent, professional, respectful, thoughtful, and was always attentive of our needs. They always asked questions before they started to make sure we were on the same page. We already noticed savings on our electricity. We are so happy we chose Renewal by Andersen.

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