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Easy Tips for Enhancing Home Energy Efficiency in Winter, Part 2

home energy efficiencyWhile you may feel helpless against the onslaught of winter cold and snow, there are quite a few things you can do to lessen winter’s impact on your pocketbook. In a continuation of last month’s topic, here are some more tips from Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA that will help make your home more energy-efficient this winter.

  • Maintain your furnace. In order for your furnace to operate with utmost efficiency, proper maintenance is essential. To start off, it’s important to have your furnace inspected annually by a qualified heating technician. The most practical way to do this is to include it on your fall maintenance checklist, so your furnace is ready to go when the cold weather hits. A furnace tune-up can save you anywhere from 3-10% on your next heating bill. Also, don’t forget to check your furnace filter regularly throughout the winter months, and clean or replace as needed.
  • Locate and seal up leaks. There are numerous places inside and outside the home that could be the culprits when it comes to energy leaks, so it’s important to do a visual inspection to check for them. On the outside, start by checking the places where two different building materials come together, such as where siding meets the chimney, or the home’s foundation meets cladding. Inside, inspect any place where there is a penetration in the wall or ceiling, including around electrical outlets, attic hatches, dryer vents, bathroom fans and recessed lighting. Any gaps or cracks that are found should be sealed with weather stripping or caulking. If you suspect that your old, inefficient windows are the main source of leaks, it would be wise to consider installing more energy-efficient replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen®.
  • Turn on the humidifier. If your furnace doesn’t already have a built-in humidifier, it may be a good idea to purchase a standalone version. Similar to the way humidity makes the outdoor temperature feel several degrees hotter than it actually is in the summer, adding some moisture to the air will make your home feel warmer as well. Just be careful not to add too much to prevent issues with mold growth and/or condensation on the windows. An ideal indoor humidity level can range anywhere from 30-50%.

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If you haven’t already checked out last month’s installment of energy-saving tips from Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA, go take a look! And as always, feel free to give us a call at (610) 849-2800 with any questions you might have about our energy-efficient windows and replacement doors.


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