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The Top 3 Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s Insulation

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Many Pennsylvania homeowners still wonder how to keep their home’s temperature at a comfortable level without overworking their heating or cooling system. One answer is insulation! Every home needs it, even where the climate is mild and doesn’t often experience severe weather. Insulation helps seal air inside your home, including that found in energy-efficient windows and doors. Insulation provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy bills. If your house is properly insulated, indoor air stays warm or cool, depending on the season, so you don’t have to overwork your heating or cooling system to keep your family comfortable. More importantly, insulation helps decrease overall energy expenses.
  • Positive environmental impact. Since creating and distributing energy results in pollution, a reduction in energy consumption can also significantly diminish the need to generate as much energy. In this way, fewer harmful pollutants are released into the environment.
  • A sensible investment. Insulation reduces your energy bills, making it one of the wisest investments you can make in your home. Just think about not having to frequently adjust your thermostat to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. And the less you pay for your energy bills, the more money you can use for other things.

How Renewal by Andersen® Replacement Windows Increase Your Home’s Thermal Efficiency

Insufficient insulation isn’t the only culprit in energy loss. Poorly performing windows are an energy drain that contribute significantly to a home’s heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.* Renewal by Andersen replacement windows save energy while saving you money on your energy bills. Compared to ordinary dual-pane glass, our SmartSun™ glass is 70% more energy efficient in the summer and 47% more energy efficient in the winter!** And the performance extends beyond the glass. Renewal by Andersen frames and sashes are constructed with our revolutionary Fibrex® material, which is stronger and more durable than any other frame material and offers excellent thermal insulating power with lower expansion and contraction rates. Fibrex’s superior qualities help block drafts and costly heat transfer.

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* accessed March 2020.

** Values are based on comparison of Renewal by Andersen® double-hung insert window SHGF to the SHGC for clear dual pane glass non-metal frame default values from the 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2018 International Energy Conservation Code. “Glazed Fenestration” Default Tables.


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