A Guide to Troubleshooting Windows

A Guide to Troubleshooting Windows

October 28, 2019

Part of having a well-maintained, energy-efficient home is having high-quality windows that perform as they should. However, many homeowners neglect giving their windows the care they need, which can lead to a variety of problems that result in energy loss and higher utility bills.

Listed below are some of the most common window problems.

troubleshooting windows

  • Air leakage. Window air leaks waste energy and money by permitting cooled or heated air to escape from your house, while at the same time letting outside air in. As time goes on and your windows age, they start to become less efficient. Drafts can occur when windows that are no longer level and square create uneven gaps, or when there are gaps between the glazing and the frame. The best long-term solution is to replace outdated, leaky windows with high-quality replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA.
  • Broken seals. Age is one of the most common causes of air leaks and seal failure. In a window with more than one pane, if a sash separates from the frame or the seal breaks down due to exposure to moisture or excess heat, moist air will collect between the panes. Fogging or condensation between layers of insulated glass is an indication of a broken seal, and as it’s something that can’t be controlled, window replacement is usually the most viable option. This is because old panes are very difficult to reseal, making repairs cost-prohibitive.
  • Broken hardware. For the safety and security of your home and family, broken window locks and latches should be inspected and replaced. Contact Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA to request service for your Renewal by Andersen® windows.
  • Broken glass. As with hardware, broken glass in your Renewal by Andersen windows can be replaced. All it takes is a quick call to our service department to request service.
  • Mold. Windows that are drafty or prone to condensation can lead to the growth of mold on the sills, frame and other window components. The presence of black mold in particular can leave stains and cause a musty odor to permeate your home. Mold also can be a health hazard, which is why it’s crucial to address any mold issues as soon as they’re discovered.

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If you’re experiencing a window problem that wasn’t covered above, please refer to our Window Care and Maintenance guide or contact Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA for assistance. We can perform repairs on Renewal by Andersen windows or provide you with a free in-home consultation for new windows and replacement doors. Give us a call today at [company_phone] or fill out our contact form at your convenience.



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The entire team was excellent, professional, respectful, thoughtful, and was always attentive of our needs. They always asked questions before they started to make sure we were on the same page. We already noticed savings on our electricity. We are so happy we chose Renewal by Andersen.

From George, the salesman giving me a balance of wants and needs to Rosko and his team members doing a fantastic job on the window replacement and install. To the post inspection process and thank you package with additional information for cleaning and maintenance. All was great!

I cannot say any more then I have, everyone that came from Renewal by Anderson has been one of the best experiences I’ve had dealing with a company. A big thank you.

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