4 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

4 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

October 25, 2018

Window ReplacementWhile high-quality, well-maintained windows will typically perform for at least 20 years, over time, the effects of Mother Nature and normal wear and tear will break them down. Eventually there comes a point that it’s necessary to replace them. Yet sometimes it can be hard to know if that time has come. If you pay attention and look closely at your windows, you may see one of these signs that your home is ready for new windows.

  1. Damage. One very obvious sign that a window replacement is in order is the presence of decay. Since wood is especially susceptible to moisture damage, decaying wooden window frames are not an uncommon sight, particularly in older homes with original windows. Decaying wood frames, warped metal frames and cracked glass can also create window leaks. While a few drips here and there when it rains heavily may not seem like a big deal, keep in mind that even a small amount of water leaking into your home can cause moisture damage and lead to the growth of mold, posing a health risk to your family.
  2. High energy bills. If you’ve noticed that your energy bills seem unusually high, this is a clear indicator that your windows aren’t doing their job. Other signs of energy loss are window glass that feels cold to the touch, visible gaps between the window and frame through which light can be seen, and being able to feel drafts while standing near the window. As a bonus, if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, new energy-efficient windows and the resultant energy savings will make an excellent selling point.
  3. Condensation. Fogging and moisture build-up, specifically between the panes of glass in your window, are signs of a broken window seal. When a window seal is broken, it allows in moisture, which then collects between the window panes in the form of condensation. While replacing the glass will take care of the problem temporarily, it’s not a permanent fix and, ultimately, you will need to replace the entire window if energy efficiency is your goal.
  4. Hard-to-operate windows. Operating your windows shouldn’t necessitate muscle. Window sashes should require little to no effort to open and close. They should glide smoothly and open and close easily. Windows that constantly swell, stick, refuse to stay open or are painted shut should be replaced.

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