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2015 Home Improvement Checklist: Mind Your Windows and Doors

Keeping your home in good condition for your family’s comfort and safety will give you peace of mind. As your doors and windows in Lehigh Valley prevent the elements from getting in, you should make sure they’re always working properly through routine maintenance.

Renewal by Andersen® of Northeast PA provides this checklist to help you maintain your doors and windows for 2015:

1. Weather strip is a durable material that seals tiny gaps between the frame and sash. It helps prevent water and air leaks. Make sure it’s still in good condition. If not, remove your existing weather strip and apply a new one.

2. Inspect the exterior and interior finishes of your windows. Repainting or restaining the damaged surface may be necessary. Read the maintenance care guide for your windows and doors or consult your contractor to learn the right type of cleaning solution to use.

3. Examine exterior caulking that surrounds the edges of your window frame. Remove all loose caulk thoroughly and reseal any gaps with fresh caulk.

4. Check the hardware of your doors and windows, including the operating mechanism and locks. If they’re failing, ask your contractor for a fitting replacement.

5. Tighten all hardware screws and dust off dirt from the hinges, tracks, and sills of your doors and windows.

6. If you need to work with a ladder, practice precautionary measures by asking someone to support it from the ground as you use it.

7. Follow safety precautions when working with cleaning solutions and paints. Wear protective clothing and eyewear as needed.

Minor damage can be repaired, but when your windows and doors are more than a decade old, it may be the time to consider getting a replacement.

If you currently have single-pane windows and you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home, then think about getting double-pane replacement windows with low-E glass. They can help limit heat transfer, giving your home a comfortable temperature both in summer and winter.

To help you with your new windows and replacement doors in Lehigh Valley, contact Renewal by Andersen of Northeast PA at (610) 355-4055. We provide free in-home consultations. Feel free to call us today, and our dedicated staff will guide you every step of the way, from the selection process to the installation procedure.


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