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Our Promise of Professional Installation

We’ve long understood that all the care, pride, and craftsmanship we put into our products would mean little without a professional installation—which is why we don’t just take pride in our installers, we celebrate them.

No matter how efficient its design, the most well-constructed window will not perform if it is improperly installed. An incorrect installation can lead to a number of serious problems that can be very expensive to repair, such as cracked joints, loss of heated and cooled air, water leakage, drywall damage, rot and mold growth. Just as problematic is the fact that improper installation will void the manufacturer warranty on the windows.

Certified Master InstallerRenewal by Andersen of Northeast PA ensures that your new windows will enhance both the appearance and efficiency of your home with professional window installation. This is a crucial step in our window replacement process, which is why we maintain a crew of professional installers who are masters of their craft. They are certified window installation professionals, and they know how to get every job done expertly.

Our installers regularly undergo training to help them best meet the needs of local homeowners. Employee training covers manufacturer best practices, lead paint training, safety training and more. You can be confident your Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows will deliver the beauty and performance they were intended to with professional window installation.

We Back Our Craftsmanship with a Comprehensive Warranty

Our standards for craftsmanship and service allow us to offer a limited warranty on our work. Installation of your Renewal by Andersen windows or doors by our authorized installers is covered for two years from the date of original installation. If you have any issues during this time, repairs will be made at no cost to you.

Call Our Experts for Installation of Bethlehem Replacement Windows

Get assurance that your windows will deliver the beauty and performance you deserve with professional installation of Renewal by Andersen replacement windows. Our experts serve Allentown, Bethlehem, Scranton and surrounding communities. Call (610) 849-2800 today to schedule an in-home consultation!

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"Our installation team, Josh and Mike, did a phenomenal job with the installation, cleanup, and "orientation" after the work was completed! We were totally satisfied with everyone that we dealt with before and after the installation...and would surely recommend Renewal by Andersen to anyone contemplating a window replacement project!"

Kathy B.
Nazareth, PA

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