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How the Right Windows Can Improve Your Home’s Ventilation

Windows make a huge difference in the exterior and interior of your home. They illuminate your living spaces and offer protection from the elements. Another thing they can do is to improve your ventilation indoors. Good airflow can eliminate excess heat and humidity, remove lingering odors and make your rooms more comfortable.

Home's Ventilation

Read on to find out how the right windows can improve your home’s ventilation.

Windows & Passive Ventilation

You can encourage passive ventilation through your windows, patio doors, vents and other openings in the house. It helps stale indoor air escape and fresh air to enter, helping maintain healthy humidity levels and good indoor air quality. Implementing better ventilation in your home can result in greater comfort and even reduced energy costs.

Improving Ventilation Through Windows

In areas where you need cooling, place operable windows higher on the walls or on upper levels of the house. You can open them to allow warm, humid air to escape. In the colder months, the right windows can keep warm air from escaping without causing drafts.

Passive ventilation will be more effective if your space lacks obstructions. For instance, air could flow more freely in a house with an open floor plan or openings between rooms. There must be windows that you can open and close throughout your home to improve air circulation. With a well-designed passive ventilation system, you simply need to open and close your windows to control the interior temperature. This can also create a healthier living environment for your loved ones by helping remove pollutants from indoor air.

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